Cerberus Guards the Gate

Today we met an unusual lady in Home Church. We had not been out for five days, one more day than usual, due to the ice storm on Saturday. At the first home, an older lady answered the door, saying, without asking what we were doing, that she is not interested at all. She then admonished us not to go to the home across the street, shouting repeatedly from her door that we should not go and they have the flu. We slowly left, contemplating and praying about the best course of action. We decided that on my second visit in the evening, I would go to the home across the street. If she saw me for any reason, I would tell her that I am exercising my first amendment rights and ignore her.

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Know Your Neighbor, Love Your Neighbor, Help Your Neighbor

Today, Stacey and I began again our tong ban (home church) work, albeit in a new area where we live now in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I did not now when I choose this day to launch, that yesterday was the 80th commemoration of the start of World War II. Also, it is 40 years since True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, launched the Home Church movement.

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